How to choose a blackspot seabream?

The blackspot seabream (Pagellus bogaraveo) or red seabream is a marine fish of the family Sparidae that usually lives at a depth of more than 100 m. It can easily be confused with several other species that are also referred to by the generic term seabream. You should therefore be familiar with this fish before making your choice.


Physical characteristics of the blackspot seabream

The blackspot seabream is generally between 30 and 50 cm long and weighs between 1.5 kg and 2 kg. The largest known specimen was 70 cm long and weighed over 4 kg. It is a stocky fish with an oval body and flattened flanks. As its name suggests, the body colour is pinkish with a golden back, silvery-white flanks and a white belly. All fins are pink. The blackspot seabream has a black spot behind its opercula at the beginning of the lateral line. The eyes are very large with an orange-yellow tint. Their firm pink flesh is very popular among consumers. Sometimes the scales of the blackspot seabream can be rough to the touch.

Do not confuse the blackspot seabream with other similar fish

It is very easy for fishermen to get confused between the blackspot seabream and the acarne seabream (Pagellus acarne). To be sure that you are dealing with a blackspot seabream stock, make sure that there is a black spot on the back of the gills. In acarne seabream, also known as acarne pandora, this spot is not found at the same position, but rather at the base of the pectorals. In addition, the blackspot seabream is larger than the acarne one. Another fish that can be confused with the red seabream is the common pandora (Pagellus erythrinus). The latter can be recognized by the presence of a red spot on the upper edge of its gill.


Good to know about blackspot seabream

In French, the spelling of 'seabream' (dorade or daurade) can also be confusing. The spelling of seabream (daurade) is usually only allowed for the gilt-head seabream species. All other seabreams (dorades) are spelled with an 'O'.

Choosing a fresh seabream
Before you buy blackspot seabream for your stock, make sure of the freshness of the fish. The following points will help you to check whether the seabream stock is fresh or not:

Shiny appearance of the body with scales adhering to the skin;
Bright, bulging eyes;
Rigid body.
Yahya fishing, your French blackspot seabream supplier
The blackspot seabream is a fish with a very refined taste appreciated by everybody. Unfortunately, the specie is an endangered fish and its fishing is regulated. The legal size for catching this fish is 30 cm.

Respectful of the conservation of biodiversity, Yahya fishing and Development has invested in the export of blackspot seabream to France. Our fish are traditionally caught in Mauritanian waters sustainably and in compliance with the regulations in force. For several years, we have been exporting blackspot seabream with several players present in the Paris markets, including the Rungis market, the largest fresh produce market in Paris.