Yahya Fishing and Development, the distribution the croaker in France

The European Union offers one of the largest import markets for fish and seafood. Having been present on this market for several years, Yahya Fishing and Development specializes in the distribution of excellent quality products. We export fish to France and many other countries – one of these being the croaker, which can be prepared in a variety of ways.

The croaker, a coastal fish prized for the quality of its meat

Part of the Sciaenidae family, the croaker's scientific name is Argyrosomus Regius. Also called a "meagre", it is a silver fish found in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean.

The croaker is also one of the biggest fish in fishing activities, renowned for its combative character. Its size generally varies between 50 cm and 1 m, although the biggest ones can reach up to 2 meters in length and weigh 100 kg.

A great ocean predator, the croaker is a semi-pelagic and carnivorous fish that feeds on sardines, mullets, octopus, squid and even cuttlefish. Much appreciated for its flavour, its mean can be cooked like that of sea bass.

From fishing to export

There are various methods that can be used for croaker fishing and conservation. At Yahya Fishing and Development, we prefer subsistence fishing, because we care about the environment.

Yahya Fishing and Development, the specialist in subsistence fishing!
Our company has been specializing in subsistence fishing on the Mauritanian coast since 2011. We use the techniques inherited from generations of knowledge for traditional fishing, with a line or a net from a canoe.

We pay particular attention to the relationship between our company and the local partners with whom we collaborate, as well as to the preservation of the aquatic fauna and the seabed.

Processing method

The croaker caught off the coast of Mauritania is gutted and packed in ice immediately. This process ensures the conservation of this fish.

Export of croaker to European markets

To reach European markets, croaker is transported by air. Since flying is the best way to ensure rapid transport of food, it is the preferred mode of transport of our company for the export of fresh products. Once gutted and frozen, it takes an additional one to two weeks for the croaker to reach French markets.

Marketing of Yahya Fishing and Development croaker in France

Like other fish and seafood products that we export, Yahya Fishing and Development croaker is sold almost everywhere in France.

Where can you buy Yahya Fishing and Development products?

We export and sell croaker on Rungis Market in Paris. It is also redistributed on French markets through wholesalers and distributors to shops and fishmongers.

When is croaker available on French markets?

From December until the end of April marks the period of fertilization of the croaker eggs. During this time, large compact shoals of croakers move around. It is thus easy to find croaker at fishmongers during the summer.